If you are a student that doesn't attend Nevada Union High School,

 Please send us a message and we'll give you an introductory consultation
We are currently working with Nevada Union High School to kickstart a Recording Arts program and we need your help!

We've broken the ice and made a good beginning.  We have a modest, yet productive recording studio right next to the visual arts dept.  But most of all, we have a creative  and talented bunch of students who are ready to receive the same type of support and coaching as their athletic classmates!

This is the beginning of our booster club efforts.  You can become a Music Club booster in many ways.  We can use everything from computers (macs) to musical instruments and audio equipment.  But mostly, we're in need of financial support to ensure the students receive the coaching and attention they deserve.

-Please Contact-
Tommy Daly:  tommy@thesoulmine.com